The Seedy Truth About MCOK, Redux

How did I forget to include these seeds in my previous post? 3 packets of Sweet Peas, 3 of Nasturtiums and one of Envy Zinnias came home with me from the Garden Writers of America symposium back in September. I stashed them and various other items of swag in a closet, thereby ensuring that I would forget they were there and possibly risk being unable to plant them in a timely fashion. Happily, I ran across them today in the throes of a fit of organization (engendered by attempting to sort through the paperwork my mother had stashed in a drawer, some of it dating back to 2000 ... and the ensuing need to spare my own children such efforts in 20 years). The Zinnias will be more than content to wait for a few months but the sweet peas and the Nasturtiums will need to be soaked and sown in the very near future. This week's weather forecast is not conducive to gardening activities: there are rumors of temperatures dipping as low as 23 degrees by Thursday or Friday. I might consider sowing some in pots and placing them on my south facing windowsills until the weather is more amenable to placing them outside. It all depends on an intricate combination of complex factors ... i.e. if I don't forget again!


I'll bet you could plant the Sweet Peas this week. They can handle that kind of cold. But I hope you don't forget to plant all the others. I've done that too often. Well, actually, I didn't forget to plant so much as forget where I stashed them.
It's just like Christmas...finding surprises hidden here and there. Or at least it is your reward for being industrious!
Cindy, MCOK said…
MMD, I really need to go cold turkey when it comes to the seeds. It'll never happen, though.

Leslie, that's a good way to look at it!