What I Did On Wednesday

El Patron supervises the sorting of plants. Lots and lots of plants.

A sampling of the 112 plants 
purchased at Treesearch Farms. 

The remainder of the plants waiting to be unloaded.
Hosta 'Fatal Attraction'

Dyckia brevifolia ... I'm totally enamored of this plant. Did we buy enough?
I grew Aluminum Plant (Pilea spp.) as a houseplant in my college days. 

Otahal and I spent several hours at Treesearch Farms today and came home with a rich array of plant material.  Many thanks to Heidi, Theresa, Kit, Mark, Vincente and Jose' for all their help.  And an apology to Cisco, canine representative, for stepping on him so many times (his middle name must be Underfoot). 


meemsnyc said…
Plants!! Looks like fun picking those out.
Commonweeder said…
What a day you must have had! It is always so exciting to put in a new garden.
Floridagirl said…
Wow! That's an instant garden! I don't think I've ever brought home a haul that large. How exciting! Have fun putting it together! (Love that dyckia too, by the way.)
Rebecca said…
Now I know why we say "green" with envy. What a thrill it must be to work with such mature plants!
Cindy, MCOK said…
Otahal was insistent on buying bigger and more mature plants because of the root systems. It's going to be a very different garden when we're done.