A Red Letter Day on My Corner of Katy

Some of y'all may think you have the absolute best sister in the whole wide world but I really do.  I'll put the good Dr. Laura up against other sisters any day, any time.  Not only is she a tremendous source of support and reassurance, she notices the little things I like and files them away in her head for future reference.  An inveterate eBay shopper, when she comes across something too cool for school, she recognizes immediately when it's a perfect fit for my funky and eclectic collection of yard art.  So when a package arrived with my name on it today, I knew from whence it came and ripped it open toute suite to see what she'd found this time ..."C" picture below!


Fairegarden said…
Now that is a good sister, Cindy! It suits you.
Gail said…
That's perfect! She is a thoughtful~gail
That is way cool! Love it!!
I'm assuming it's "C" for Cindy, not "crazy." ;^) You really do have the bestest sister.
Layanee said…
She is a keeper.
David said…
Oh, you'll have fun and puns galore with this one.
I can "C" your sister is someone special. I also "C" where you've placed it in your flowerbed. LOL.

David/ Tropical Texana
It's perfect for your Corner!
Rose said…
What a great sister! The bright C looks perfect in your garden.

Glad to see you finally got some rain, too, Cindy.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Thanks, y'all! I won't leave the C where I took the picture ... don't want some petty pilferer to pick it up! I'll probably move it around from place to place as whimsy strikes me!