A Message From The Head Gardener

Papaya blossom at San Antonio Botanical Garden

I am informed that my presence is required in North Carolina for the next five days. Evidently She Who Must Be Obeyed does not trust me enough to leave me alone on "her" corner of Katy while she attends a garden writers' conference. Never mind that she has been buying plants from venues both near and far, with nary a thought as to how they would fare in our absence. One can only hope that the Executive Producer and his Number One Daughter will remember their watering duties as SWMBO so blithely assumes. I am less than sanguine about the likelihood of their doing so. However, mine not to reason why, mine but to accompany her on on her journey and then figure out how to pack the plants she will undoubtedly purchase at Plant Delights Nursery. Mind you, I could do without her frequently repeated references to PDN as "a gardener's mecca" and her rapturous musings about the wonders she expects to see there and elsewhere on this trip. However, I am somewhat mollified by the prospect of a visit with the eminent horticulturalist Hortense Hoelove. SWMBO assures me that she is a close personal friend of Ms. Hoelove's cohort, Carol, of May Dreams Gardens and that she has every expectation that Ms. Hoelove will be in attendance at the conference. I understand that Ms. Hoelove, like myself, is camera shy so I cannot promise there will be any pictures of this historic meeting. However, I will endeavor to capture some shots of Carol and Cindy together.

This is the Head Gardener bidding you a reluctant farewell. SWMBO will report back upon our return.


Carol Michel said…
Oh, yes, Hortense Hoelove is going to be there, and I think Dr. Hortfreud will be there, too. Should be loads of fun!
Please report back & tell us all about Hortense!
Gail said…
Have a wonderful time see you when you get back....gail
Rose said…
It's a little too late to bid you farewell, but I hope you and Cindy have a great time in NC.

P.S. Try to sneak in a picture of Hortense, if you can:)
Looking forward to hearing and seeing what you find. Have a great trip!
What fun! Maybe you can sneak away, without SWMBO catching you, and have a little fun of your own! I firmly believe all work and no play makes for boring gardeners. Good luck!
Cindy, MCOK said…
This is Cindy reporting in. We're back and the HG is currently banned from the computer due to general snarkiness. She did meet up with Hortense but they escaped the prying eyes of camera lenses despite our best efforts. Dr. Hortfreud had some probing questions for those two but they managed to deftly avoid him, as well.

The HG and I have a lot of fall planting to do since I managed to ditch her at Plant Delights and go hog wild buying some beauties for my corner of Katy! Good times ahead!
Sounds interesting! We missed seeing you at A&M this time round! Hope you can make it to Austin for the garden tour next month! Have fun!
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