Now Blooming On My Corner of Katy ...


Carol Michel said…
Cool! What's the botanical name for that plant?
Those blooms are the height of fashion, the Pantone color of year. It's such a rare color in gardens, but I love it.
And it's perfect for you...your signature color!
Anonymous said…
Oh, I've been wanting a bottle tree, and there you went and put my favorite color on yours! Where on earth did you find turquoise bottles? I want them!
Cindy, MCOK said…
Carol, I believe this to be Bottlinia vinoensis subsp. Rieslingiana.

MMD, I first saw these bottles a couple of years ago and knew immediately that I'd collect them for a bottle tree.

Leslie, I know! I'm not sure I'd have done one otherwise.

GG, I didn't know that was your favorite color too! Look for Sun Garden Riesling. I know some of our HEB stores carried it for a bit. I first saw it at a little wine shop in Houston. I still need one more bottle for the top. I believe I'll go looking for one! Although I ought to check w/friends cuz I'd bought a case of wine & sold it to several folks at a discount with the caveat that they return the bottles to me!
Unknown said…
This is lovely...I will definitely attmpt this.
Unknown said…
So much for the old Dylan lyric: "When the bottle gets empty, It sure ain't worth a damn".
We import Sun Garden Riesling and are thrilled to see it's remains put to such cool use. Thanks!

Tim Hallett
Scoperta Importing
Cindy, MCOK said…
Belle, it makes me smile to see my tree so I encourage you to make one!

Tim, your comment was unexpected but most welcome & delightful! Sun Garden is a lovely little Riesling.