Through The Garden Gate 2010: #1

All that whining and sighing and bitching and moaning and wailing and gnashing of teeth over the long hard winter ... and this is what it brought me. I am so in love with the back garden right now. Would I be able to say that if winter hadn't been so harsh? I think not. There's a lesson there and I am taking it to heart.

My self-imposed rule for my Through The Garden Gate (TTGG) posts is to show it just as it is when I walk out to take the pictures: hoses strung through the beds, pots of this and that waiting to be planted, dirt scattered where I was digging because a bright idea hit me ...

Thanks to my fellow Katy resident Rebecca for asking me if/when I'd resume my TTGG posts and thus encouraging me to start a new series for 2010.


Lovely. I am used to piles of weeds or leaves abandoned and hoses strung out--gardening chores half finished. I don't even see them anymore--I have trained myself to look beyond them. But it is nice to see that others deal with the same issues. What I see are the good bones of your back garden. Spring well underway. Winter is most definitely a not too distant memory--but a memory none the less.
Rose said…
Your garden looks beautiful, Cindy, and it's wonderful to see all those blooms after the hard winter you've had. I tend to have blinders on when it comes to hoses strung through the garden or piles of clippings off to the side:)

Just saw your last post on the bluebonnets and looked at them more closely--I realized how similar they looked to a plant I saw in Phoenix, the Arroyo lupine. So I checked it out and discovered they're very closely related. I didn't realize bluebonnets were a type of lupine!
So pretty and so many things already blooming! I've appreciated the hard winter we had as well.
It is all so beautiful. I am struggling with my yard right now, so it was sure nice to take a stroll through yours!
You'd never know that it was such a hard winter, seeing all that floral bounty. Thanks for paving the way for the rest of us to show images of tools left out and projects half finished.
Rebecca said…
Yipppeee!!! Thanks for the peek behind my neighbor's garden gate! And my view is that the hoses add texture! Plants still in pots represent - potential - and dirt flung around is the artists first brush strokes. We always say a garden is a work in progress.
Debbie said…
I love your garden! I just found your blog.. I'll be back.
EAL said…
Wonderful as always. I am wondering what the white thingies and the pink thingies are. They are not flowers I have at this time of year!
Cindy, MCOK said…
MG, I'm glad to see the end of winter even if it does mean summer temperatures are getting closer!

Rose, our native Bluebonnets are Lupinus texensis. We can't grow the usual Lupines.

Jean, while it was happening, it was hard to believe we'd ever be grateful for such a hard winter!

MT, I have quite a few areas I'm struggling with. It's why the back garden is such a pleasure!

MMD, it's rarely completely tidy in the garden. Pictures may henceforth include EM's new bicycle, since there's no room for it in the garage!

Rebecca, you made me chuckle with the positive spin on my messes!

Debbie, I'm glad you found my corner of Katy and look forward to seeing you again.

EAL, there are pink snapdragons, white alyssum and white Phlox but I dunno if that's the thingies you mean!