Through The Garden Gate 2010: #3

Yesterday may have been a perfect spring day ... today was a reminder of exactly how fleeting such days are. It was not warm, it was HOT. 88 degrees, to be exact, and I was feeling it. Factor in the increased humidity and it felt entirely too much like summer, so much so that I called it a day at 3 p.m. I'm not ready for this, y'all. I'll bet you can hear me sighing.

Ah, well, even if I'm not holding up all that well to the heat, the garden is looking lovely. Although the poppies are beginning to look tatty and I've started pulling them out, the larkspur are coming on strong. I've started seeing buds on daylilies so it won't be long before that show starts.

The white Callirhoe is covered in blooms. These plants spread quite vigorously but they're easy to keep in check. Just cut them back when they get too friendly with their neighbors ... they'll come back quickly.

Remember all those buds on Otto Linne? Isn't he glorious?

Through the garden gate and down the garden path, this view awaits.

Let's take a closer look.

This white larkspur will soon be eclipsed by the plant next to it. The Triumphator Lily is going to take over the leading role in that spot. I'd moved this lily to another spot in the garden but clearly a bulblet was left behind. I believe I'll follow Tim Gunn's advice and make it work there.

Thankfully, the prognosticators say that tomorrow will be cooler. That would be lovely. A few more days of spring, that's all I ask. Well, that and a pox upon wax leaf ligustrums, red tip photinias and privet that will eradicate them from the face of the earth. The ligustrums are blooming right now ... I'd take skunk over that sickly sweet scent any day!


Cindy, how pretty your garden is! OMG--my heart did flip flops when I pulled up your blog! Wish I was strolling through with glass of wine in hand! :)
Cindy, MCOK said…
Thanks, Linda! April is definitely an exceptionally lovely month out back.
Layanee said…
What a romantic looking garden. I do love larkspur and don't usually plant them. Maybe this year. Yours are lovely and blue is such a good garden color. I hope it cools off for you. 43F here right now. Cool! I love it though as the flowers last so much longer.
beckie said…
Cindy, I don't know about skunk over anything! But your garden is so lovely. I love all the blue and white dotted by pinks. Very charming and your stone paths set it al of wonderfully.
Rose said…
Cindy, I would love to stroll through your garden! What a beautiful massing of blooms you have! I hope spring sticks around for you a little while longer.
Gail said…
How lovely~I wish I could sit in the garden with you ~~on a cooler day then you're having mind you! gail