The View from the Chair

I've gotten into the habit of taking my first cup of coffee outside with me in the early morning before the sun is over the trees.  I sit and listen to the birds calling and watch the bees as they go about their chores.  It's a very peaceful time of day and surveying the garden from my chair, I'm often overwhelmed by the beauty I see.  It's a good time to reflect on the many joys gardening brings me ... once the sun is high in the sky, I'm not in much of a reflective mood.  Since I do whine a lot on this blog about the heat and the drought, I've decided to share more of my happier moments with y'all.  Beauty and joy are all around me, on my corner of Katy and in my garden of friends.


Hello Cindy,
it looks like we both enjoy having our coffee out in our garden every morning, just with the difference that I sit out on my patio.
It's just too bad, latest by 9:30a.m. it gets already so hot and humid, it makes it hard to enjoy being outdoors. Wondering if this unusual heat and eternal drought ever is gonna stop again.
Best Wishes
Paula Jo
Looks perfect Cindy...I eat breakfast outside in the summer for the same peace fix. Bees,birds, and beauty. Lovely.
Commonweeder said…
I love lunch out in the Cottage Ornee with a view of the roses - and away from the bugs.
Gail said…
Cindy, That's a nice view! I am lucky to have a screened porch or I would never get to drink coffee near the garden. The skeeters are terrible here until September. gail
sweetbay said…
Your morning coffee out in your beautiful garden sounds delightful..
Rebecca said…
We have a similar summer coffee habit, Cindy. You have a beautiful spot in which to sit.

I sure hope you get some rain soon. We're hopeful the 40% forecast for today here materializes! We need it, too!
That is the only time I can actually enjoy being outside. You know--when I was young the heat didn't seem to bother me so much. Now I close the blinds and stay inside much more than I would like to. I hate wishing for the next season all the time.
Have fun on your trip! We will be heading to the Rockies soon! YEA cooler weather!
David said…
I agree. I get up early and out in the garden with the chickens. The first hour or so is best.
Did you get rain today? I think Katy was in the direct path of a huge drenching thunderstorm.
I got a great drenching and every drop soaked into the ground! Yeah.
Countdown to November 1st?
I thought it was October 1st last year.LOL
I'm so inspired by your countdown that I grabbed the widget and put a little one on my blog. But I'm hoping against hope that it turns cooler by September 21st.
Happy Gardening.
David/ :-) Tropical Texana
Rose said…
This is my favorite time of day, too, Cindy, and the time I most enjoy the garden. It's not as hot in Illinois as in your corner of Katy, but it doesn't take long in the morning before I want to retreat inside. Hang in there--it won't be long before you'll be enjoying cool breezes, and I'll be complaining about frostbitten plants:)
Anonymous said…
Oh, I love that Cindy. It's good to remember why we do this. Thanks so much for the reminder.~~Dee
Annie in Austin said…
Very nice view - and bet all the birds make it sound beautiful, too. I'm glad you're finding some happy time this summer, Cindy!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
Cindy, MCOK said…
PJ, my biggest fear is that this weather is the new normal. ACK!

Leslie, it's a nice way to start the day.

Pat, by lunchtime, it's way too hot to eat out! I usually call it quits and come inside by noon.

Gail, I do envy you that screened porch!

Sweetbay, I look forward to doing it each morning.

Rebecca, we did get a 20 minute storm on Wednesday and I may have gotten an inch of rain from it. I'm happy about that.

MT, enjoy the Rockies double for me!

David, it WAS October 1st last year. We had so many hot days that month that I figured I'd better push the date back!

Rose, I keep hoping that we'll be surprised by a cool front in July as we were a few years back.

Dee, this is the time of year you and I both need to remind ourselves why it's worth it!

Annie, the birds can put on quite a concert some mornings!
LindaCTG said…
Oh, what a beautiful view! Indeed, it is in early morning that I can see something pretty in the garden instead of the mess that I'll view it as later. Wish my hymenocallis would bloom! Yours are lovely.
I'm so glad you have found a way to enjoy your garden again. I'd do the same, but the mosquitos would be having me for breakfast.