A Sunday Evening Stroll Through the Garden

The Head Gardener was allowed to take a day off from the garden today. Because the Head Gardener is an avid reader, almost as fond of books as she is of plants, she can usually be found lolling in a chair or on the sofa, book in hand, when the summer heat and humidity prove too much for her delicate sensibilities. So it went today. Having finished her book, she moseyed outside with the camera before dusk to see how the garden had fared without her. For your viewing pleasure, she presents the following.

In the back yard, a white sport of Mrs. B.R. Cant showed off this creamy bloom. This rose was a gift from a fellow antique rose aficionado.

The HG is very fond of this cool and refreshing combination of Blackie Sweet Potato Vine, Serenity Mix verbena and Peachie's Pick Stokesia. She would like to say it's the result of her canny knack for garden design and that she chose and planted each of them envisioning just such a picture. Being an honest sort, however, she must admit that it just kinda happened.
Here's a closeup of the Peachie's Pick Stokesia:
Being on occasion an agreeable and indulgent mother to the 19 year old girl child still residing at home, the HG agreed to said girl child's request that someone bring her dinner at work. As she passed the side yard on her way upon her return home, the HG spotted this daylily bloom. Much to her regret, it too is missing a tag and is thus unidentified. She didn't see the ant on the bloom until she downloaded the picture!
Zinnias are a summer staple here on the Head Gardener's corner of Katy. There are a lot of different colors, shapes and sizes, since they reseed every year and seem to hybridize themselves in the process. However, she remembers buying a packet of Purple Prince last year and believes that's what this one is.
This is a favorite color, not quite red, but not quite pink (and a nice foil for the Gaillardia):

This one, however, is most definitely red.
As is this Abutilon 'Voodoo Red', who is summering on the dining room patio. When cooler weather returns to this corner of Katy, the HG hopes this little darling will still be with her to be planted in a congenial spot near two other abutilons.

Rudbeckias also reseed themselves in the corner bed. The HG was quite taken with the markings on this one .

Calylophus is a tough little Texas native. It's planted next to the curb, where it's mighty hot and dry ... unlike the HG, this plant prefers such conditions.
The HG tried several times to plant 4 inch pots of Tithonias from local growers and failed miserably each time . She finally bought seeds and scattered them quite randomly ... success! The butterflies really do love these flowers.

This includes the pictorial tour for today. The Head Gardener thanks you for your kind attention!


Anonymous said…
You still have a lot growing on for this time of year. I think when the June GBBD rolls around I'm going to have a very short post indeed.

All those yellows and oranges look appropriately summery.
Cindy, MCOK said…
I'm most surprised by the number of daylilies still blooming in this heat. I expect them to be pretty well finished by Bloom Day, though.

Here's hoping those of us who need rain and a respite from the heat will get it soon, and those who don't won't!
Anonymous said…
I have got to plant gaillarda next year. As for your delightful 'Blackie' combo, I think most of those great combinations are serendipitous. Thanks for sharing this one with the rest of us.
Gail said…

I have visited here several times and for some reason thought I had posted...I have company and am apparently quite distracted! I am loving all your blooms, it like a wonderful bloom day post...

Annie in Austin said…
Nice stroll! The Blackie sweet potato combination does make a good counterpoint to all the hot colors, Cindy. And although Pam wisely advises us not to plant in summer, if I run into a 'Blackie' that rule may be broken!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
Cindy, MCOK said…
Pam, the Gaillardias have really done well in the corner bed, so much so that I need to pull some out!

Gail, as much as we complain (and rightfully so!) about the heat here, we do have a fair number of plants that thrive in it.

Annie, the Blackie sweet potato vine does seem to be one of those that thrive in this heat. It lends itself to so many color combinations, too.

Thanks, all!