Little Mama Gets Into The Holiday Spirit!

Much to the surprise of the Head Gardener, the Executive Producer here on my corner of Katy suggested that the new trellis would look quite festive lit up for the holidays. Little Mama sparkles and shines in her Christmas finery! (She's that green blur on the right side.)

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Less than 3 months post-Ike, this is Little Mama as she looks today:

A recap for those readers who are new to my corner of Katy: Like so many others throughout the Houston area, my yard and gardens took a hit from Hurricane Ike. I reported post-storm on the downing of the trellis outside my breakfast room window, which was planted with angel wing jasmine. Less than a week post hurricane I had a beautiful new trellis but was faced with a decision. I'd initially hoped to save most of the main vine, dubbed Big Mama, but it very quickly became clear that her considerable size made that a much more arduous and lengthy task than I was willing to undertake. So after some research and consultation with other gardeners, Big Mama went on a drastic weight loss program and was renamed Little Mama. If you'd like to read more about Little Mama, check out my posts on September 15th, September 28th and October 5th.


So glad you decked her out for the holidays! :)
You really did a great job..and what a big job it was too! Little mama looks good!!
Gail said…
Little is certainly on her way to Big and deserved the sparkling diamonds she is now wearing! She does look lovely now with her new support system! What will you be doing in the garden today?
Nancy said…
It looks like Little Mamma is recovering nicely, and will be ready for spring, when it comes!
Anonymous said…
Hi Cindy, I love you trellis and with the lights it looks like a parade! I agree with Gail that little mama won't be little for long. I remember how quickly vines can grow in your corner!
Cindy, MCOK said…
MT, doesn't she look fetching? I hope I can keep up with her growth over the next few months so I can wind her through the trellis.

Gail, I didn't do a darned thing in the garden that day since I had to catch up on household duties. Yesterday I was battling a sinus headache and today the weather is definitely not conducive to working in the garden!

Nancy, I hope she'll really take off in spring!

Frances, you remember right about how quickly vines grow here! I cut my coral vine back about 4 times this year before I let it take off. It didn't bother her in the slightest!
Annie in Austin said…
Sparkly goodness, Cindy!And as anyone who has seen the musical Chicago knows ...When You're Good To Mama - Mama's Good to You!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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