Through the Garden Gate: Monday, March 23rd

The Gate Itself:

By the way, that red rose in the clay pot in the first picture? It's there because the Head Gardener wasn't sure where she wanted it and the thought of having to move it more than once was too daunting to contemplate today.


Carol Michel said…
What a pretty garden! You can tell a gardener lives in your house.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
Mindy said…
Fabulous - it looks positively dreamy! Love all your color combos -soft & dreamy.
Looks so good! I love the way your path curves through your garden!
How pretty! I love the gate and what a view to see as you enter!!
Your blog is very nice, I'm glad I found it!
Anonymous said…
That's an inviting gate, and your garden is lovely and so spring-y looking.
Katy your yard is lovely! I bet it sounds good too, so many blooms for the bees to love on!
Lori said…
Wow, it's a meadow out there! I love the blues of the larkspur. I wish my attempt at a meadow looked like your backyard.