Through the Garden Gate: Monday, March 30th

I thought I'd offer some different perspectives this week, so I used the zoom on the camera as I was standing at the gate.

Looking north towards the dining room patio
(that's Purple Iochroma)

Spiderwort and Opie-M poppy

The back fence

Looking south: not that great a shot, but it shows my white Redbud in bloom (and my neighbor's red-tipped Photinias, one of the banes of my existence)

Rosa 'Hermosa', a passalong from my neighbors

Looking east from the front garden gate at the Calliandra in full bloom

A closeup of the Calliandra: I broke my TTGG rule and
walked into the garden to get this shot so y'all
could see the screaming red of the blooms!


It all looks smashing! I love the shot of the Spiderwort & the Poppy. Your garden looks quite lush. Calliandra blooms look like something they'd use as an alien flower on Star Trek. (Not that that's a bad thing.)
MA said…
No doubt that gorgeous calliandra is too tender for me. So pretty! The whole garden is beautiful right now.
Nancy said…
It looks so beautiful. Perhaps someday, my garden will look half as nice as yours.
Anonymous said…
I love your idea of TTGG post every week. I'd like to "borrow" the concept for my blog, if you don't mind? Your garden is so lush and full and gorgeous! Thanks for the post.
Just lovely. Thanks for taking us on the stroll. I dig that bottom screamer. Just my style. :) ~~Dee
Gail said…
I don't know what you mean by not a great looks beautiful to me! I love the Opie-M poppy and have wanted them since I began gardening! maybe someday they might actually grow when I plant them! Screaming Red is fantastic...gail
Carol Michel said…
It's beautiful, everywhere we look. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
Pam/Digging said…
I like your stacked stone edging, Cindy.

I have to look at my neighbor's photinia hedge every day, and it's starting to wear on me. It looks like Xmas, with all those red and green leaves mixed together. Ugh.
Patsy Bell said…
Oh poppies! They are beautiful. Your garden looks like THE place for a garden party.
Your garden looks very colorful, peaceful, and private. :) I'm also stopping by to say hello and that I'm looking forward to meeting you at Spring Fling!
Northern Shade said…
The show in front of your back fence under the tree, with the pink, blue and white flowers is exceptionally pretty. It's very lush and fully planted.
Brenda Pruitt said…
I love the curves of your garden! Everything looks so lush and pretty. You should be proud of your garden, girl!
Cindy, MCOK said…
Coming from such a stellar group of gardeners, your kudos and compliments mean a lot ... thanks, y'all!

I'm hoping my neighbor will just let the danged photinias keep growing so the backdrop to my plantings is at least dark green. I've thought about asking if I could install lattice panels of some kind on that fence. I could tell him it's for my vines to grow on so they don't invade his side of the fence, which is true ... I don't need to say that it's not the main reason!