But, Mommmmmmmmm, It's Not Fair!

That your Clematis look like this and mine don't!

What is your secret? Are you holding out on me?

Is it a real estate matter? Location, location, location?

Or are you secretly feeding them some kind of exotic fertilizer? (If we still lived next door to Dr. Johnson, I'd suspect him of slipping you his patients' blood samples! After all, that's how he got such magnificent roses back in his rosarian days.)

WhatEVER. If you won't tell me, I'll just keep on coming over to enjoy yours while I try to replicate your success!

This gorgeous clematis is NOT growing in my garden, as you might have gathered. I thought I'd share the superstar of my mother's garden with y'all in honor of Mother's Day, and my mother, who passed along the gardening gene to me (but not the clematis growing part of it, evidently!).


Carol Michel said…
And I was excited to see my first clematis bloom, just one bloom, today. Your mom has me beat by a country mile!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
Mindy said…
Wow! That is so gorgeous. Yes my mom is an fantastic gardener too. Her roses are always so beautiful. I don't even bother trying to do roses anymore. Your right it's not fair... but obviously you learned a lot from her!
Gail said…
Cindy, It's a beauty! There was never any competition from my mom! She disliked the outdoors. I do have a sweet Jackmani blooming, nothing stops them! I am going to join Through The Garden Gate today! I've linked to you. gail
Those are some stunning clematis blooms! I don't blame you for whining about them. Does your mom live in the Houston/Katy area? I guess I never noticed them in Houston before (I grew up there). Absolutely gorgeous.
Annie in Austin said…
That's one happy clematis, Cindy - your mom has the magic touch.

Loved last week's TTGG - could never quite love magenta callirhoe, but that white one is very cool.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
That's a great looking Clematis! I like how it flowers both down low and high up on the plant, with lots of fullness and foliage. At least you can visit hers until you figure out what would make Clematis happy in your garden.
Anonymous said…
That clematis bloom is stunning; so much so it almost doesn't look real. They are hard to grow here in Austin, but I'm thinking that I must get one to try, at least. Thanks for the pics!