Getting Stoned on My Corner of Katy

DISCLAIMER: Today's subtitle should be "Oh, What a Beautiful Mess." The stonemasons have come and gone ... where once there was only flat gray concrete, there are now beautiful flagstone patios. Pots, planters, shelves, moss rocks from the sidewalk borders and what my mother calls dec obs are scattered here and there about the garden, which is where the mess part comes in. Eager as I am to get things put back where they belong (not necessarily the same spots they were in before ... and I'm not telling whether that's because I want to redecorate or I can't remember!), I'll exercise patience. Grouting left a light haze on the flagstone, and the concrete needs a week to cure before my contractor is able to acid wash the flagstones.

The kitchen patio

The bedroom patio

The sidewalk that runs along the garage wall

Once again, I am in awe of Senors Isidro and Blas: Isidro is truly an artist when it comes to his craft. Time and again, I saw him thoughtfully considering which stone to use and how best to place it, carefully cutting it to make it fit his vision. That he and Blas did this in near record heat makes me even more appreciative of their efforts. My courtyard thermometer reached a high of 102 two days running, and it's always warmer in the sunny back gardens, so I know they had to be pretty miserable much of the time. The heat wasn't the only thing that got to them: like me, they were about ready to commit grievous harm to the mockingbird who sits on the telephone wires across the alley and sings literally ALL day long. This morning he started up at 2:45 A.M. and is merrily chortling away as I type. I don't want to hurt him ("it's a sin to kill a mockingbird") but I would definitely like to catch and relocate him so he could sing far, far away.

Meanwhile, the Head Gardener will not be unemployed while the concrete cures ... she began a new project in the courtyard last week. While the back gardens were occupied, she dug up the courtyard garden, dismantled the moss rock edging, and has been moving rocks around trying to decide on the design. Garden designer Mary Ann of Idahogardener has offered great advice: will the Head Gardener be able to simplify and repeat, as instructed? I'll let you know.


Oh Cindy! It's so lovely! I am so happy for you and know how excited you must be. You have really been getting an amazing amount of work done... I'm looking forward to future installments on the progress!
EAL said…
It looks phenomenal. Much more color variance than I had expected. Really great!
Gosh, that's really exciting. Be sure to stay hydrated while working on your projects - the season is starting to get tough out there!
I love it! How great to have that done. It's going to make all the plants look that much better.
Gail said…
Cindy, It looks wonderful! There is nothing better than knowing skilled artisans are working on your project! Can't wait to see what you and MA came up with~~gail
It looks great Cindy! Did you find those red Andirondack chairs?? :)
drlem said…
Very cool! Can't wait to see it in person.
Oh, it is just lovely my friend. Can't wait to see your new project.~~Dee
Katie said…
Wow, what works of art! You are a lucky gardener to have such artists working in your area. Looks great!
Anonymous said…
Cindy, that is gorgeous. Flagstone is a wonderful thing, isn't it? I love the sidewalk meandering through your wonderful garden. Can't wait to see it all decorated up.
Rose said…
Your new patios look stunning! The stonemasons are true artists. Glad you didn't kill the mockingbird-- but if I had had to work in that kind of heat, anything might have set me off:) You have been a busy lady; I think taking some time to decide how where to place everything now is a good idea.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Thanks, y'all! The guys came yesterday and acid washed the patios to remove the haze left from the grouting process. The colors in the stones really pop now!

After buying a pair at World Market and putting one out in the courtyard, I decided that the red chairs were too much for the space. I'm on the lookout for some natural wood finish Adirondacks now!
Kathy said…
It looks terrific! Too bad it has to be so darn hot! You could enjoy the rearranging a lot more.