Through The Garden Gate: Monday, June 8th

I feel like I need a sign out there that says "Bless This Mess". Thanks to the stacks of flagstones in the foreground of the picture, y'all can't see quite how disarranged the garden is right now. And what are those flagstones doing there, you ask? Well, celebrate with me, friends: the ugly concrete patios on either side of the living room are about to be resurfaced! The mess results from having to move the contents of the two patios to other areas of the garden so my hardworking stonemasons can do their thing. Isidro and Blas, who did such a stellar job on the courtyard flagstone, have returned to work similar magic in back.

In a few days, I expect this gorgeous Texas multi-blend flagstone to bring a whole new look to the back gardens. I'm fully cognizant that doing this is likely to have a domino effect and result in several other changes. I The 12 inch square concrete pavers in the garden path were chosen to echo the square concrete patios: my thinking was that it would tie the patios into the overall garden more. Once the flagstone is laid, though, I suspect the Head Gardener will find those pavers lacking in charm and you will subsequently find her at the rock yard again! That is, if she can take the time away from watering. With no rain since the flood of April 28, and temperatures in the mid to high 90s, the ground is parched. No amount of water seems enough for it and I'm growing ever more concerned with how the gardens will survive summer. The Head Gardener can retreat to the comfort of her air-conditioned house ... the poor plants can only curl up their leaves and hope she doesn't give up on them entirely!


Carol Michel said…
New projects are very exciting. I'm looking forward to seeing your new flagstone patios!
EAL said…
be careful out in that sun. Those flagstones are very beautiful. I am used to seeing them more in a gray color, but these are warm and elegant.
I must have missed the end result of your courtyard paving. Must look for that (or you could post more pictures :-)). Yes, I am sure your garden paths will change soon!
The new patios are going to look so great, I'm so jealous! Are your stone guys interested in taking a road trip?
Ramble on Rose said…
I can't wait to see the finished product! My back patio is downright pitiful; the stonework cannot even be called by that term because it's so shoddy. Enjoy watching the transformation (hopefully from inside the cool house!)
I love flagstone Cindy--your patios will be great! Can't wait to see pictures.
Your comment about not getting enough water to your plants made me feel better. I am watering all the time..and I thought I had drought tolerant plants. And, isn't this just the beginning of summer? Oh dear!
Cindy, MCOK said…
Carol, so am I ... they've still got another day and a half of work to go, though!

EAL, the sun is driving me in earlier every day! The flagstones are actually darker than they appear, with lots more variations in the color. They're covered with rock dust in the picture so it's hard to see the true colors. They're still warm tones, though.

Jean, I thought I'd posted a picture of the finished courtyard but maybe I just Plurked it. Right now it's an unholy mess because I'm completely reworking the bed out there. The paths may change as soon as next week: there's going to be leftover flagstone!

MMD, I'm sure Senors Isidro & Blas would happily visit Chicago for the right price! They'd definitely appreciate cooler weather. I really feel for them working in this heat and humidity.

Rose, your patio's turn will come when your kids are older, I'm sure! Inside the cool house is exactly the place to enjoy my patios from at the moment!

Linda/MT, I am really concerned about what several months of this weather will do to my garden. I hope some of the rain in D/FW's area made it to your house!
Rose said…
It seems like we can never do any project without making a mess first; you're going to love the patio when it's finished with this flagstone, though. Your garden looks huge! I don't envy you having to water it, though. I do hope you get some rain soon.
Gail said…
The pavers will be such a wonderful've disliked that concrete for long enough! My experience is that one projects cascades into another...that's why I am ignoring my kitchen sink! gail