Tiny Charmer or Little Thug?

Do any of y'all recognize this plant? Several of them have appeared in the rose bed, an area where the Head Gardener and I are prone to scattering seeds without recording what those seeds might be. It's possible that this is indeed an elfin delight which will be tidy and mannerly in its habits and if so, we want to encourage its presence. It's not more than 6 inches in diameter and only an inch or two tall; the leaves seem to stay small as the clump grows.

Those very qualities, however, are what make us nervous about it. It's been growing in that bed for a couple of months and hasn't gotten any larger or shown any signs of buds. I fear it's not a desirable addition to the garden but a weed that will cause the Head Gardener to give me Speech Number 21A, in which she reminds me of my mistakenly identifying Pigweed/Devilweed seedlings as Lavender Skullcap, thereby setting us up for what will doubtless be a lifetime endeavor to remove the former from this corner of Katy.

If anyone recognizes it, or knows of a good site for plant/weed identification, please leave a comment and help us decide ... tiny charmer or little thug?


Hmm, I don't immediately think of weed when I see it. At least it doesn't look like my common weeds. Can't blame you for being nervous though. I hope someone can ID it for you as I'm curious too.
It looks like a Geranium to me, but then I'm not familiar with the weeds of Texas.