Bright Spots On A Dreary Monday Morning

Since both my mother and I were in dire need of some horticultural therapy, we took a little drive out to Brookwood Community on Sunday afternoon. Located about 20 minutes from my corner of Katy in the small town of Brookshire, Brookwood is a residential, educational and entrepreneurial community for disabled adults. Residents work in various capacities to support themselves and each other at Brookwood, which include a fabulous retail home and garden accessories store, a retail nursery/greenhouse and a wonderful cafe' with a talented chef who has created some very tasty offerings for patrons' dining delight.

Although the nursery area was still low on plants due to continuing winter weather, I did find this Texas Scarlet Flowering Quince (Chaenomeles speciosa 'Texas Scarlet') which insisted it must come home with me. It's such a welcome spot of bright and beautiful color on this dreary Monday that I plan to go back for more.

In the greenhouse, I found this lone blue Cineraria, Senetti Mini True Blue (Pericallis) from the Suntory Collection. I wish my camera could have captured the color better: it's actually a deeper blue than it photographs. This little plant will probably last only slightly longer for me than a vase of cut flowers but seeing it out my window makes me smile so I consider it well worth the $5.00.

I hope you'll click on the link above or here to learn more about Brookwood's various artistic and horticultural endeavors or to shop at their online store. Their hand painted china and Christmas ornaments and their garden statuary alone are worth the look!


Rose said…
The camera may not have captured the blue of the Cineraria as you wanted, but it looks gorgeous to me! I could use a little horticultural therapy right now, too, but not only is it too cold to grow anything here, the roads are also covered with snow making getting out of my house impossible. But it's so good to see that winter is coming to an end for you and that you are able to get some garden work done again, Cindy. Looking forward to seeing all the changes in your garden this season.
Anonymous said…
I can see why you were drawn to those splendid colors. It has been the dreariest of winters, but I saw some sun today. Still it's very cold here. You know I've been doing the terrarium thing to chase away the February blues.~~Dee
Caroline said…
Splendid choices! I love them both.
Ah so you got a quince after all! That's the color that my quince is outside but it's considerably lighter indoors. Love that cineraria. I've never heard of it before but it's a beaut!
Gail said…
Cindy, I did pop over to the website and thought their comfort bowls were especially lovely...That blue is splendid, simply splendid...I don't know what it looks like inperson, but it is beautiful on my monitor...gail