The Confinchion Continues ...

The Wildlife Catering Department here at Wit's End brought in a new dining facility for the goldfinches this week. The Fly-Through Feeder came from Lowe's and it proved an immediate hit with the confinchion goers, who show no signs of departing the Confinchion Center any time soon. Sunflower chip and thistle consumption are at an all time high; the head of the Procurement Division has taken to shaking his head and muttering darkly each time he is informed of the need for more provisions. (He is not a nature lover by nature.)

The peace officer in charge of security arrangements is happy to report that there have been no repeats of last year's attacks by a felonious feline. The officer has recommended, however, that bird screens be installed ASAP on windows near the Confinchion Center due to injuries sustained by misguided attendees.

The Head Gardener, who is the employee in charge of wildlife observation, has noticed that the finches have taken on a brighter hue in recent days. The HG has read reports from more northerly climates saying that the goldfinches there begin to acquire their new summer coats in March. It makes sense to us that in our southern location, they would begin that process earlier. Whatever the reason, all of us here at Wit's End enjoy seeing the confinchion goers so cheerily attired, especially knowing that their time with us is likely to end before long. When it does, the Head of the Maintenance Department will swing into action: cleaning out feeders and cleaning off squirrel baffles, assessing the condition of thistle socks and discarding those with large holes from the repeated pecking of tiny beaks, and then dismantling and storing the dining facilities until next year's convention. The 2010 Confinchion has been a great success and we have high hopes for 2011!


beckie said…
Cindy, what a great array of feeders. No wonder they chose this site for their confinchion. And it had all the hospitality they could ask for. With yours turning colors, can ours be far behind??
Love that new feeder! I have only had 2 or 3 yellow finches this winter...I cannot figure out why. The thistle is fresh (the chickade's are liking it just fine) Usually I had a big flock of birds. Maybe they are all in Katy this year! :)
I like that new feeder also! I'm glad your attendees are still enjoying themselves but hope they depart before they eat all your 'seed money.'
Jan said…
Love that new fly through feeder...I will have to take a look at Lowe's. I have the same thing happening here...I can't keep the hulled sunflower nuts and thistle/niger seed filled fast enough!
The goldfinches have arrived in the Hill Country too, and are showing their colors and eating voraciously here as well. I think the color change is earlier this year...seems like it has been early March in the past.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Beckie, I try to provide something for every bird, LOL.

MT, the globe feeder was their favorite until I brought home this new one.

Leslie, ar ar ar ...

Jan, the feeder is great. I've found that it's best to fill it over the open metal can where the seed is stored. I just hold the feeder over the can and pour seed in it till I can't get any more in!