Flirting With Foliage

Pam of Digging has initiated Foliage FollowUp on the 16th of each month for bloggers to share the charms of non-blooming plants in their gardens. First up on my corner of Katy is a Flirt Nandina, which I received* from the Southern Living Garden Collection at the Garden Writers of America symposium back in September. I don't know how it will do in our summer heat but the small plan has held up to the cold well and I love how the color has gotten deeper and richer throughout the winter. I'm quite enamored of this shameless Flirt thus far and am looking forward to trialing her sister Blush Pink.

The Ligularia were a little droopy after the spell of freezing temperatures in January but they perked back up. I love the shape of the leaves and the beautiful glossy green texture.

Although the main reason for growing Hinckley's Columbine (Aquilegia hinckleyana) is the fluorescent yellow blooms, I'm always excited to see the lacy foliage renewing itself as the weather grows cooler.

I think this is a Rabbit's Foot Fern that I rescued from Lowe's clearance table. It had very few fronds when I brought it home and it poked along for a while not sure whether it would make it or not. Evidently it too responds to cooler weather with a spurt of growth!

The Bear's Breeches (Acanthus mollis) don't appreciate extremes of hot or cold: their leaves grew yellowed or crisped up this past summer and freezing temperatures made them sadly droopy. They seem to be recovering nicely, though.

Agave lophantha and Agave lophantha 'Quadricolor' came home with me from North Carolina. The first was a purchase at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens and the second came from Plant Delights Nursery. I fear I'm becoming an Agave addict.

I don't remember where I bought this one and don't know the species (tell me if you do), but isn't it cool?

I've always had a succulent addiction, however. This Aloe joined the collection last year, I think.

Thanks to Pam for reminding us that foliage plays an important role in the garden, too. I'm happy that I have so many lovely shapes and textures of leaves to share but I suspect this time next month I'll be even happier!