Friday's Fine Feathered Friend

I looked out my patio door as I was working here at the computer, and I gasped to see this handsome bird perched on a limb of the Persian Vitex. I believe this is a Cooper's Hawk, based on the identification guidelines on Cornell's ornithology site. He looked both regal and serene as he sat in the tree but before I could grab my camera, he moved to the fence. I was only able to get a single shot before he flew away. The feeders remain deserted so he must still be in the area somewhere.


It seems that everytime I see a hawk near a bird feeder, it's a Coopers hawk (both at my feeders and at my sister's in Houston). I guess they know where the goods are!
You had to have good eyes to spot it. Well done.
Gail said…
What a treat for you but, not for any birds visiting your garden! Gail