News Flash! Sunshine Spotted At Wit's End!

Hyacinth 'Carnegie' with Cutie Pie violas

And the gardener goes wild! She smiles, she laughs, she pulls spiderwort! Even the fact that it's a whole tub's worth of spiderwort fails to dim her glee! "Quick!", she says to herself, "get the camera and take a picture of how the Tinka tulip looks ... they didn't get to see your clean-up efforts the other day."

When she sees that the Eranthemum, freeze damaged and presumed dead, is sprouting green leaf buds at the base, she points and shoots. "Look at THAT!" she exclaims to an invisible audience, "it's coming back!"

The gardener spent a couple of very pleasant hours out back. She may actually stop whinging about the weather now that she's gotten some hort therapy!



Gail said…
Yippee! I am so glad for you and the Eranthemum~ Now if only nature would send us a bit of warmth; it's 23 degrees and I want to stop whining! gail
Cindy, MCOK said…
I hope warm weather comes to C&L soon, Gail!