Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head ...

It was a wet and chilly winter day here on my corner of Katy. Again. I think about last year's painfully hot and dry summer and the elation I felt when the fall rains finally began. I remind myself of my vow, first made in the drought of 2006 and renewed last year, that I would never again complain about too much rain. I tell myself I'm not complaining, not really, just whining a little. But I know better. Quiet whinging though it may be, my words on the subject of the recent winter weather have not been positive ones. I console myself with the knowledge that many of my fellow Texas gardeners are struggling with warring impulses: we want to celebrate the cold and the rain even as we bemoan them. We remember summer's heat and drought all too vividly and we know how we longed for today's kind of weather six months ago. So we continue to tweet and plurk and blog about our struggles with the extremes of weather we face and hope for more temperate days to come.


All I can think about is warm weather and working in the garden. I wish I could learn to embrace the beauty in winter, and I really have been trying. I just yearn to feel the sun shine on my face! However..all that said, I am so very grateful for the rain we have had lately! We have all experienced droughts recently.
Someday soon...hopefully! I guess the rain is better than the freezing. But I know you'd like to get out there and have some fun. Me too.
Gail said…
This winter can't be over too soon. More snow heading our way...maybe it will find I-40 and keep heading east!
Carol Michel said…
The thing about winter is that you've got to get through it to get to spring. Relax, enjoy the ride, praise the rain. Embrace the rain!
Just remember what a gift to the trees you've got going right now. We can water the heck out of our flower and veggie gardens but getting the right amount of moisture to the trees is more difficult. Thus the winter rains. But some whining is certainly allowed!