The First Larkspur of Spring 2010


I love larkspur! That is so sweet. I need to look for some next year.
Rose said…
What a treat to see this larkspur in bloom as well as all your bulbs! I bought some larkspur seed for the first time this year; I'm hoping it does as well as yours, though it will be quite awhile before I see any blooms on mine:)
Annie in Austin said…
Love them, Cindy! Sure hope my few seedlings will bloom this year, too.

Happy Spring!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
I can't believe you already have so many blooms! Things are a lot slower up here in the Dallas area. I am hoping the warmer temps and rain we are getting will speed things along. I am ready for flowers!
I'm now a larkspur convert. They are great, and yours is such a fantastic shade of blue.