Three for Thursday: Aloha

It seems appropriate that this rose bloomed today. 'Aloha' was one of the first roses I purchased from Antique Rose Emporium. I did so at my late friend Amy's urgent insistence that I truly NEEDED this rose.

It's especially appropriate today because I spent several happy hours with Amy's daughter and her family: 10 yr old Eamonn, 8 year old Ethan, almost 5 year old Evan and 4 month old Chloe. I gave and received a lot of hugs ... each time I did, I felt that I was holding a little piece of Amy as well. We visited a local park and it made me smile to see trees full of noisy young grackles, Amy's favorite bird. I can never look at them without thinking of her. Most people see grackles as the nuisances they can be, but Amy loved them for their spirited conversations and street smarts. And if you really listen to them, you begin to appreciate the nuances and amazing variety to their chatter.

It was a delightful few hours and I came away with a heart full of Aloha, in the truest sense of that word.