To Do List for Tuesday

"Let It Go" by Kelly Rae Roberts


For Tuesday? It is taking me a lifetime to work on all those! ;-)
beckie said…
Cindy, a delightful card. I love the design and the sentiments are what we should strive for-except for the skirts. :)
Love it. btw, I'll be in Houston the end of March and will shoot you an email about it.
Gail said…
Cindy, I love that piece~and would welcome her art into my house! gail
Cindy, MCOK said…
MG, okay, you got me ... that's my to-do list for most every day!

Beckie, LOL re the skirts. I actually bought several for work this past year and found them very comfortable.

Jean, looking forward to seeing you!

Gail, it's good to have gentle reminders such as that piece where I can see, and hopefully benefit from, them.
AMIT said…
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