Wildflower Wednesday: Bluebonnets

Imagine a field filled with these beauties and then imagine several of them. Texas Bluebonnets in spring are a sight beyond compare. If you're driving on a country road in Central Texas in March or April, be prepared for the drive to be a leisurely one. Even if you aren't slowing and stopping periodically to gaze in wonder and delight, other folks on the road will be! And those with small children are required by state law to stop and pose said children in no less than three spots. Seriously. I'm a native Texan, I know these things.

I'll be in the heart of bluebonnet country over the next few days but I suspect the show won't be as far along even 90 miles west of me. I'll take my camera along nonetheless!


Gorgeous! It's hard to believe they're such little plants, they have such an impact.
Beautiful, beautiful!!! I saw buds on mine yesterday so blooms maybe next week? I cannot wait. Texas wildflowers are my weakness and my passion. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!!
Gail said…
Cindy, They are scrumptious! The first time I saw Bluebonnets in person, was Spring Fling Austin. Gorgeous, gorgeous plants! I bought seeds and hoped they might be annuals~They never showed, but my appreciation for them has only grown!
Gail Glad you're celebrating your wildflowers!
Anonymous said…
That is a true blue! Love them. While you are leaving your garden, I have just come back and it is amazing how things change in just a week.
Rose said…
I can see why people would stop and take photos of these, Cindy, small children or not:) I've never seen a field of bluebonnets before, but I can only imagine what a sight this must be. Lovely, lovely.
Unknown said…
Lovely, I wonder if these grow in South Florida