The Great Rockout of 2010: Day Four

Otahal and his crew arrived mid-morning and got to work using the rocks I already had. I'd noticed yesterday evening that two of my Louisiana Iris near the end of the front walk were missing, victims of the crew's efforts to clear the area where they were trenching. Since they were 2009 Bulb Mart purchases, I was mildly upset. Otahal was most apologetic and promised to look through the day's trash bags and see if he could find them. The Executive Producer was also perturbed because the landscape lighting he'd worked so hard to install was not functioning. We were able to partially resolve that problem: the crew had severed and repaired some wiring but the system needed to be reset. One section of lights is still out, though, and we're working to figure that out. These kinds of problems are not unexpected: perhaps I should remind them, though, where the gas line runs.

By afternoon, Otahal was getting antsy for the rock yard to deliver. Four pallets of moss rock finally made it here around 3 pm today. At the end of the day, Otahal told me we could use up to four more pallets by the time we're done. Will my corner of Katy rest a little lower when this is done????!!!!

Here's today's photographic evidence.


I am so enjoying the evolution. This is a big project! Can't wait to see at least the finished rock work. I know the plant part will be a long process :)
Gail said…
Fantastic...and 4 more pallets! gail
LindaCTG said…
This is so fabulous! Wish you could send him to my garden. Absolutely beautiful.