It's Good To Be Queen

Amy once told me that Queen Anne's Lace was her favorite flower. I was surprised by that. At the time I'd only seen it blooming in pictures ... I thought it pretty enough but had no real desire to grow it myself.

Last year, though, I found Queen Anne's Lace (Daucus carota) plants in 4 inch pots at a local nursery (I forget which one) and brought one home to plant in Amy's memory.

Last year's blooms were much as I remembered from pictures, pretty enough but nothing exceptional.

When the plant didn't grow as tall as I'd expected, I moved it to another spot in the rose bed late last fall. It went mostly dormant over the winter but by early March it was full and healthy.

As the buds opened and the plant became covered with delicate white blooms, I began to see why Amy loved it so.

Now I love it too ... for its beauty, for the reminder of a beloved friend and for the beneficial insects it's lured to my gardens. I've never seen as many ladybugs as I have this year!


Rose said…
This mass planting of Queen Anne's Lace is beautiful, Cindy, and what a lovely way to remember your friend. I've always loved this plant, too, even though many consider it a weed. In the summer time you can find it growing all along every roadside in Illinois.
Kathy said…
It is lovely, though it can get out of hand in a garden bed.