Saturday Smiles

Taking a break from the hard stuff, here are some of the things I saw around my corner of Katy today that made me happy.

This is Lampranthus 'Red Hots', purchased at The Natural Gardener in Austin. It lives up to its name but mercy, these magenta blooms clash with the orange 'Empress of India' Nasturtiums (so badly that I refuse to show you a picture of them together). I'm already wishing I'd bought a couple of the other varieties available at TNG. Maybe I should make a return trip to Austin?

This will not be a red hot pepper but a sweet one ... I think the variety is Golden Summer.

Y'all remind me tomorrow that I need to fertilize both the peppers and the tomatoes! I might pick my first SunGold cherry tomato this week. It's coloring up nicely. Even more exciting to me is seeing fruit on 'Jaune Flamme', an heirloom variety from France that produces apricot-shaped tomatoes.

'Carmello' has tomatoes, too!

On the back fence, there's a bud on the 'Buff Beauty' climbing rose that I brought home from Amy's garden back in January.

OK, I know this doesn't look like much but those little green shoots are a big deal. Although 'Torchy' is one of the hardy hibiscus, this plant I brought home from the Garden Writers' symposium had me worried. It looked more like a hardly hibiscus ... I'll give it a bit more time to grow on and then I'll plant it out.

I took these pictures this afternoon when I got home from working at the Harris County Master Gardeners' Spring Plant Sale. I brought home a 'John Fanick' Phlox, three daylilies and a 'Republic of Texas' rose. As happy as those made me, the biggest smiles came from meeting Jamie W. and Carol B., who told me they read this blog. I think most of us who blog wonder if anyone really DOES read us besides our regular commenters, so it's a real treat to have someone say that they do. Thanks for stopping by, y'all!


Gail said…
Show us the clash of colors! I have a tendency to let the clashes remain, but that's me and I like Black Eyed Susan yellow! I think there are often more readers then commenters on many blogs! What a great weekend you had around Katy! gail
Felicia said…
Thought I'd delurk for a minute to say I enjoy your blog :)
Cindy, MCOK said…
Gail, okay, I'll bite the bullet and share the clash. I'll warn y'all to put on your sunglasses first.

Felicia, I'm glad you delurked to say hi! Love your little critter on your avatar.