Spring is Poppying Up All Over!

You might want to skip this post if you're tired of poppies ... but the Head Gardener suggests that if you are, you should seriously consider requesting an appointment with Dr. Hortfreud, who counsels Carol of May Dreams Gardens. Dr. H doesn't have much time to spare for any clients other than Carol but perhaps she can work you in while Carol is out mowing.

In the back garden, the single pink poppies have started opening.

The peony flowered pink poppies get more beautiful every day! (One of the singles is trying its best to horn in on the doubles party.)

Even a shattered bloom is so beautiful, it's hard to find the words to say how it makes me feel. Gaze upon it for more than a few seconds and take time to appreciate the ribbon-like curls of shattered petals at the bottom of the blossom. Marvel at the pod that is so perfectly and wondrously made.

Last spring, I bought 2 or 3 four-inch pots of red poppies, both single and double, at the Antique Rose Emporium. I saved the seeds and scattered them in the corner bed and in the bed on the south side of the front. Thus far only singles are blooming but I'm optimistic a few doubles will make an appearance. I had a hard time getting a shot of these blooms because the wind kept disarranging the petals.

My apologies to those who hate red and yellow flowers together. This red does clash with the bright yellow of the Engelmann's daisies. I'll work on adding something to help pull them together next year.


Carol Michel said…
Those poppies are beautiful, intriguing flowers. I must get some for my own garden! By the way, Dr. H is most busy when I'm mowing! I'm not sure if she is taking on new patients right now, but I'll check and let you know!
Caroline said…
I never tire of poppies. I have only had modest success growing them. I managed to grow a small patch, two years ago. I still have some of the seeds. I'm going to try again this fall.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Carol, if you want seeds, let me know!

Caroline, I don't mulch in most of the beds where these grow. I think that's critical to a lot of these spring annuals.