Through The Garden Gate 2010: #2

Notice anything majorly different? (Other than the presence of a small but fierce beast?)


Let me give you a hint. Here's the same view from last week. Double-click to enlarge, that should help.

Still not sure? Perhaps the picture below will tell the tale.

No, that's not an alien life form. I finally conceded that although the Persian Vitex (Vitex trifolia) may return from the roots, the damage was too far down the trunk for it to be salvaged. So I got out my reciprocating saw and slowly, carefully cut it down to a stump. The remains of the tree are resting on my patio until I can get a hole drilled into it at the bottom and place it on a piece of rebar. I think it will make a great sculpture in the garden. This time, however, I'm going to place it where I won't bump my head!


Rose said…
I'll admit I couldn't see the difference, Cindy, other than more blooms in today's photo. I thought the remains of the tree were a sculpture you bought:) So it will make a great accent piece in your garden!

I was skimming through the posts I'd missed the last few days, when I saw the one about ripping everything out and replacing it with sod. What, I thought, has Cindy gone mad?? Good thing I noticed the date on that post:) And goodness, those poppies are gorgeous!
It is indeed very sculptural and will make a great focal point. I also noticed how much more is blooming since last week.

I finally got my post up about your garden!
Gail said…
I thought it was a missing tree, but had no idea how large it really was until it was on the patio...Cindy, I love that it will be a sculptural piece in the garden! gail
That branch is very cool.... very inspiring in the garden.
Commonweeder said…
I didn't see the difference either - I was so busy looking at the change in growth of the plants. I think it will be a wonderful sculpture. I once visited a garden that had a little tree that died and the gardener spray painted it gold! I love your poppies, even red poppies with yellow.
Diana said…
Well that's a big change. Can't wait to see what you do with it as a sculpture!
Cindy, MCOK said…
Rose, it's hard to see the bare tree branches against the fence in that first photo.

Jean, it seems like more bursts into bloom daily!

Gail, I think it will be a cool sculpture. I've got to get someone with a long drill bit to drill the hole for it, though!

DGG, I also have the cut-off portion of an oak tree as yard art out front.

Commonweeder, I hope it will look the way I envision it!

Diana, I've got to figure out some kind of shade covering for the plants that were under the tree. The toad lilies will not appreciate full hot sun this summer.
I am so sad the Vitex tree is toast, but it lives on as a piece of scupture. It will really look very striking.