Another Farewell

I learned this evening that my sweet and gentle neighbor Flora, who I met on her walks with her granddaughter, died at the end of April. Flora was of German origin; she and her late husband moved here from Brazil to live with her daughter and granddaughters. For the last three years, she would stop to visit as she and Michelle walked past my corner of Katy. Michelle would ask to pick a flower and we'd talk about the blooms and the butterflies. Flora would light up as she talked about the gardens she'd seen in her life and how mine reminded her of one or another. Although her husband had been gone since before we met, she still missed him terribly and we shared some tears together over that. I didn't know her well but she endeared herself to me and I to her in our brief acquaintance and my life will be diminished by her absence.


It is so wonderful to be able to make a connection with others through our gardens. It is a good feeling to feel something as simple as a flower can forge a bond. Don't you know she felt a kinship to flowers through her name? I had a great aunt Flora, along with her sisters Rose and my grandmother Violet.
Cindy, MCOK said…
MG, thank you, that was beautifully put.