A Fragrant Former First Lady

I walked outside this evening and almost swooned from the heady fragrance filling the garden. I looked around for the source, thinking one of the Triumphator lilies had opened. But the buds were tight, as you can see from this picture and I continued searching the area for the plant responsible for this perfume.

I didn't remember Rain Lilies being fragrant but I bent down and sniffed them anyway. I forgot to mention that in addition to the weekend's rain, we got one heck of a storm on Monday evening. The thunder and lightning were intense and the rain came down pretty hard (no flooding, though). The Rain Lilies have been putting on quite a show since then.

Then I stooped to smell the Laura Bush Petunias: I almost toppled over from the sweet aroma wafting from those blooms. I didn't realize that Petunias are often most fragrant in the evening. If the heat and humidity permit, I'll spend a little time outside each evening enjoying these.


I need to try the Laura Bush petunias. Did you buy the plant, or plant from seed? I noticed the Wildseed Farm has the seeds. I've never grown petunias from seeds though.
Cindy, MCOK said…
MT, I think I bought a plant to begin with but that plant reseeded and I've had them ever since. Want me to send you some seeds? They're very easy. Shoot me an e-mail w/your address to mycornerofkaty@gmail.com.