The Head Gardener Regrets ...

That She Who Must Be Obeyed has been so lamentably inconsistent in labeling the daylilies. Despite my reminders of the importance of same, and her earnest assurances each year that THIS will be the year she gets that done, numerous Hemerocallis remain unidentified here at Wit's End. On the most recent occasion of gentle chiding, SWMBO attempted to justify her deficiencies by enumerating the difficulties of finding a labeling system that is weather-resistant and not cost-prohibitive. True, that. Nonetheless, as I kindly but firmly reminded her, other gardeners still manage to do so and we must soldier on, united in our efforts to identify lovelies such as those pictured here.

True, she does have an Excel spreadsheet listing the varieties she has purchased over the years, with fields for color and bloom size that are intended to help us with identification.

However, SWMBO acknowledges the possibility that she failed to enter some of her purchases, thus complicating our identification efforts.

She believes the daylily pictured above might be "Mister Lucky". Ironically, I believe she's correct and this is indeed its lucky day.


What a pretty color Mr Lucky is! Do you feed your day lilies? Mine sure don't seem to bloom well, and they are getting plenty of sun. Wonder if I need to be feeding them??
LindaCTG said…
What a kick! Yep, tonight when I was determined to enter the recent entries into Excel, I realized I'd missed a few. And I've got so many still without names. But that daylily, Mr. Lucky or not, is lovely.