I'd Forgotten ...

How beautiful my garden is in the rain ... not a torrential downpour but a soft and steady rain that soaks into the ground, replenishing the parched soil and bringing new vigor to thirsty plants. Today is Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day but I'm not bemoaning being unable to make it out into the garden to take pictures. I'm celebrating this for the happy occasion it is. I came out to the patio and sat sipping my coffee in the cool, moist air and taking in the view. I wanted to share it with y'all so I stepped inside for my camera, then snapped off a few shots from the vantage point of my chair (which is under an overhanging section of roof). Later this week I'll post about what's blooming ... for today, I want to savor the rain for however long it lasts!


Oh, the rain was lovely. I enjoyed the same feeling on Thursday when we finally had cool rainy weather after a week of hot muggy overcast skies.
I know that kind of rain you are talking about. I love it. It goes so well with morning coffee--or evening wine on the patio!
Everything really does look lovely. I think it's those pretty blues you have. They look so nice in that kind of light. Good for you for getting some rain. We got a little last night but sigh, not enough. Some day!