Monday Morning Meltdown

Remember how I sat on the patio Saturday morning, watching the rain and sipping my coffee? I sat down in one of my comfy chairs this morning and before I'd even settled in and taken a sip, I knew this morning was going to be nothing like Saturday. I didn't even last 5 minutes ... it was too darned warm and humid to be out there. Even enticements like the bloom on the Web of Intrigue daylily failed to keep me outside.

And, by the way, why do daylily growers and hybridizers persist in calling colors such as this one "cream"? Daylily color descriptions frequently disappoint me. If they call it "pink", it's usually what I would call "peach". Pfui. I'd probably complain about the color description being not to my liking on this one too ... if I could find the tag or remember what the heck it is. (The HG has no sympathy for me, needless to say.) Based on where I planted it, I did not expect it to be these colors! I like it, don't get me wrong. I don't like it THERE, though.

Perhaps I'd better sign off and go work in the shady front gardens for a while. I believe I should take out some of my frustrations on weeds and spent plants. It's a good thing I have a night out with friends planned ... surely it will put me in a better mood for tomorrow morning!


LindaCTG said…
I think it's the icky humidity that has us all in a bad mood. But your daylilies are outstanding, regardless of how they're described. It's funny because this weekend I was wondering how fun it would be to write plant descriptions for catalogs/stores! Anyway, yours are lovely.
Girl, it is feeling like summer. I say, fix yourself a big tall glass of iced tea, grab a good book, and sit in a nice comfy chair inside where you can look out at all your hard work. If the Head Gardener gives you any grief, tell her I said it was okay--you could get heat stroke out there!
Rose said…
While I envy your having these lovely daylily blooms already, I sure don't envy you your heat, Cindy. When it gets hot and humid outside, I don't work in the garden past 9 AM. That's pretty tough when I usually don't get started till 8:30:) Oh well, you've worked so hard on your garden all spring, just sit back with that cold drink and enjoy it!

By the way, thanks for the tip on the Carrell book--I'll check it out. And I do love that sun coleus you found over the weekend!
Gail said…
I remember reading in one of Mrs Greenthumbs very funny books that she ordered a large number of pink daylilies and each of them was a variation of orange~She had me rolling on the floor. I've often wondered how they come up with plant names, too...Like all those food names for coneflowers! The daylilies a you have a lovely! gail
Caitlin said…
I have the same color issues with my daylily "Purple Grapette." The picture was much different than the flowers that bloomed in my yard. I mirror you sentiments, I love this particular daylily with it's rich burgundy tones, just not amongst my blue and purple flowers in the front yard. Here is a link to my pictures, do you think it could be a different variety?
Cindy, MCOK said…
Linda, when the humidity is high and there's no breeze, it's just nasty out there!

MGRR, I've been coming inside earlier all the time. I'm also training myself to go back out in the evening.

Rose, it seems like I'm feeling the H&H more this year. Pfui on that!

Gail, somewhere I have such an article, might even be by Mrs G, that lists the colors as described in catalogs and tells you what they really are. It's painfully familiar.

Caitlin, I left you a comment on the daylily. I say move it in the fall to a spot where the color is better suited.