Mulch Ado On My Corner of Katy

I spent most of yesterday picking up, unloading and spreading bags of mulch in the rose bed. When I had to spend time weeding that area again after just having done it last week, I decided it was time to take defensive measures. (Pardon the shadows ... I took these pictures in the morning since I'll be out the door before the light changes. We're headed to the lake for a weekend getaway with friends.)

I've not mulched this area heavily in several years because I wanted the annuals to reseed freely. However, since the annual weeds are also reseeding freely, I decided it was time to lay down a few sheets of newspaper and top it off with several inches of cedar mulch. I can scatter more seeds this fall.

I had to do the job in two shifts. I got the alleyway side of the bed (pictured above) done in the morning and then waited for the sun to go down before resuming my labors.

This area will look a bit different upon my return Sunday. Otahal and crew are here working in that area to remove some of the river rocks that line the edges of the bed and add moss rock along two sides. He's also working to redo the path in back. I'll be gone before he finishes but I'll do my best to show y'all the results next week!