This Is Not A Crinum!

I mentioned in my end of the week post yesterday that there was a big fat bud about to open on the Crinum.

I was wrong.

This is most definitely not a Crinum.

It is a Hymenocallis.

Which begs the question: Where in the heck did it come from? I thought it was a division of the Crinum Amy gave me years ago. I can't remember if she had Hymenocallis or not. I thought perhaps it was my pal Jean at Dig Grow Compost Blog but she says no. MSS at Zanthan Gardens gave me some plants last year: I don't remember it being one of those. I know it wasn't Otahal. I guess I'll call it Hymenocallis 'Misterioso". Whoever it was, thank you! I'm very happy to have it.


It's beautiful though -- they're blooming in my garden too. I think we dug one up 15 years ago from a house we were renting. We only took a small one, but now they are everywhere!
I wrote about it in my blog too: they sure are striking when they are blooming.
LindaCTG said…
With my crazed work schedule,I'm finally catching up on blogs too! That is hilarious about your hymenocallis. Years ago, I got one from a plant sale. Never bloomed. Last year it finally bloomed and ta da, it was a crinum! What a kick! Also, try the Sulphur Queen. Yummers, though I want some of the white like yours, too.

Go for the stock tank cowgirl pool! We kept planning to do that but eventually just moved up from our 8-ft. HEB-type pool to a 10-ft. Intex with a pump. I can give you our tips in keeping it clean so you don't have to change the water. We LOVE it! It's super to float around before bed, too, and go in totally refreshed.
Anonymous said…
It is lovely whoever it is. I tried growing it once, and nothing, absolutely nothing happened except leaves. Then, it died. Glad yours took root and flourished.~~Dee
Cindy, MCOK said…
Elizabeth, they really are lovely. Now I'm hoping some of the other plants that I thought were Crinums turn out to be this Hymenocallis!

Linda, that's too funny ... are we living parallel lives? I saw the Sulphur Queen on your blog and would love to have it. Maybe we can work out a trade? The only worry I have about a cowgirl bathtub is whether the water would get too danged hot after sitting for a while. Considering how warm my neighbor's pool has been lately, it does give me pause.

Dee, I wonder if this is one of those plants that has to settle into a spot for a season or two before it blooms?