Through the Garden Gate 2010: #6

No, there's not a filter over the lens ... it clouded up from the humidity as soon as I walked outside. It's summer in Texas, my friends.

Even though I wiped the lens before taking the picture above, it still has something of the same misty quality.

An hour later, this was the view down the alley as a storm system from the Gulf approached. It looked much more threatening just moments before I took this picture ... the storm moved in quickly. By the time I'd stepped inside and hooked up the camera to upload the pictures, the rain had begun and the wind was howling around the corners of the house. I shut down the computer shortly thereafter and settled into my corner of the sofa to keep my anxious Annie company. She starts shaking at the first rumble of thunder. Although she's happier now that the storms have passed, she wasn't all that thrilled about having her picture taken.

No gardening for me today unless I pull a few of the countless weeds that have popped up since the rain stopped an hour ago. The Head Gardener can tell me all she wants that it doesn't happen that quickly ... I remain unconvinced!


Jean Campbell said…
Beautiful Daylily, even in the mists. I think this is a super year for daylilies. Loved the view down the alley as the storm approached.

Think the thunderstorms are gone from here for a change.
LindaCTG said…
Yes, on Sunday, the humidity was so high I had to keep wiping off the camera lens. But misty, ethereal pictures are wonderful, as yours is.

I love the picture of the clouds forming. I love dramatic weather. Sure hope we get rain tonight. Just not too much for you!

Annie looks like Chester the cocker spaniel when a storm is threatening. Hates the noise, too. That's why they have us as moms!
Ramble on Rose said…
That's a beautiful daylily! Like you, I've also been sidetracked by storms lately.
Cindy, MCOK said…
NellJean, we have more storms coming through today. I'm not complaining. After too little rain last summer, I'm happy to have this weather!

Linda, I hear that Austin got some pretty heavy duty storms at 3:30 AM. Hope nothing was harmed! Annie was a rescue pup from Austin and I think she must have been out in storms before she was rescued. I have a pillow for her in my closet, which is one of her spots to hide.

Rose, I know you're probably ready for some sunshine!
Rose said…
Annie is such a cutie! Our late dog Roco hated thunderstorms, but it wasn't as easy cuddling under the covers with him because he was so big. Good thing Sophie doesn't seem to be as bothered by them.

I can see the humidity in your photos! And tell the Head Gardener I agree--I think those little weeds grow a foot each time it rains:)