The Week in Review: June 21-27

This week was a pretty slow one, garden-wise, thanks to a summer cold that turned into a mild case of bronchitis. I spent a lot of time inside reading and resting.

Monday: I up-potted up the trial plants from Proven Winners' ColorChoice Shrubs: 5 double-flowering quinces and 2 roses went into the next size. I'd already bid farewell to one of the orange quinces last week: all it takes with that peat-based potting mix is one summer day of improper watering. I also moved the Republic of Texas rose into a larger pot. The Variegated Gardenia, which has creamy yellow marked leaves and small lightly fragrant blooms, has been languishing in the bed where it was planted for several months now, so I dug it and potted it up. (What does it WANT, anyway?)(Other than to be growing in the Pacific Northwest or something.) All of these went into heavier soil in hopes they can make it through my upcoming absence in July. We had a nice little thunderstorm around 5:30, just enough to refresh the foliage.

Tuesday: I spread 8-1/2 bags of mulch this morning. 1-1/2 bags went into the rose bed to augment what had settled. The other 6-1/2 were spread on an area along the south fence where purslane was attempting to gain a stronghold. I harvested one Giant Marconi pepper but I waited too long and it was a little wrinkly. The big news today is the small fry I found in the pond: there are four baby Japanese fantails! Obviously this means that Larry, Darrell or Brother Boy is not who he seems: I suspect Brother Boy, who has been renamed Tammy Wynette. I also found a bloom on what I think is the Rosemoor Clematis (pictured at top).

Wednesday through Friday: I pretty much hunkered down inside feeling puny. We got a nice hard rain on Wednesday or Thursday night, can't remember which.

Saturday: I made a run by Lowe's to take a look at the clearance plants. There were none to be found but most of the garden center should have been on clearance, things looked so bad. They must have been short-staffed because the plants were in DIRE need of watering.

Sunday: I finally felt up to getting back into the garden a bit. I'd noticed the other day that my Cypella from Plant Delights Nursery didn't look so good and this morning it was clear I had to dig it up to have any chance of saving it. It was rotting: the soil was probably too rich and moist in that spot for it to do well. 3 small pieces w/root remain and though I doubt they'll make it, I put them in vermiculite and will monitor them. This is one I'll reorder because it's so lovely. I also worked on clearing unnecessary items (plants, furniture, decor) out of the courtyard. It looks much better without it!

OK, duty calls. Every couple of months, the Executive Producer gets together to play bridge with friends. I get to cook (oh joy).


I don't get it - one plant died from lack of water, and another is rotting? Gardening in Houston sounds very challenging. I love the color of the Clematis.
I hope you are feeling better -- that's a heck of a lot of work for someone who's supposed to be recovering! Glad, too, that your bauhinia made it. I've been amazed at the plants that did pull through. I've been thinking that I need to write a post about how wrong we all were about some of those tropical palms! Beautiful clematis, too, by the way.
Cindy, MCOK said…
MMD, such dilemmas are precisely why Houston is so challenging!

Elizabeth, I'm much better, thanks. I'm determined to grow clematis although I've yet to achieve my mother's success with them.