Wildflower Wednesday: Texas Bluebells

Texas Bluebells : click link for the Wildflower Center's information

I purchased three 4-inch pots of a hybrid variety of this lovely native and planted them out several weeks ago. Their fragile beauty is deceptive: they are actually pretty tough little plants. Even these hybrids are flourishing in my garden in full sun with little supplemental water. As lovely as they are, I'm even more wowed by the true natives. When we were in Burnet for a weekend getaway in 2008, I took the picture below of a clump of Texas Bluebells by the roadside. The Hill Country's drought situation was already dire but these hardy beauties were blooming profusely on roadsides and in open fields.

Gail at Clay and Limestone sponsors Wildflower Wednesday on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Thanks, Gail!


Gail said…
Cindy, They are beautiful and I think they must be related to the Texas Star that Dee is showcasing on her blog! I would be thrilled to have either! So glad you joined the WW celebration and introduced us to Texas Bluebells! gail
I love seeing bluebells out in the fields. How cool to grow them in your yard! Really pretty!
Those are such a gorgeous color! I tried growing Lisanthus once. It failed to do anything. Thanks for sharing.
Those are lovely - I think its the really dark centre that catches my eye. My submission to Gails meme is on my leavesnbloom blog.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Thanks, y'all ... I do believe I need more of these. That rich purple is a bright spot in the garden right now!