You Don't Know Jackmanii ...

That's precisely how I feel sometimes out in the garden ... when one plant or another isn't cooperating with me to grow as I think it should.

Growing Clematis has been an exercise in patience for me and like most exercise, it has been frustrating and exasperating. But like most exercise, it has also proven rewarding. It's a lesson I work to learn over and over again ... perhaps I get a little better each time.


Ohhhh, those flowers are beautiful! I have never tried clematis..just know I can't get them to grow, but after seeing yours--I want to try! Love the trellis they are growing on too!
My clematis was stunning this year. Now it is just leaves. I added 2 more clematis to it with the hopes I would have each one blooming at different times. No luck.

They are so beautiful when they bloom. It's worth their stubborness.
I think your clematis are beautiful -- and they're notoriously difficult to grow here. I grow two kinds, the Sweet Autumn clematis and the little purple bell-shaped native TX clematis.
Do you say "Clem-AH-tis" or "Clem-AA-tis?"
Oh, it looks gorgeous. Love that color. I'm surprised it's blooming now and not earlier in the spring.

btw Elizabeth, the so-called correct pronunciation for it is CLEM-ah-tis, accent on the first syllable.

Thanks for sending my sick rose question on!