I Miss Buffalo ...

As I was walking Annie this morning, I was thinking how much more enjoyable it would be if these were the houses I passed along the way ... shoot, how much more enjoyable would it be for each and every one of us if we lived in a city that celebrated gardens and gardeners the way Buffalo does? The Garden Bloggers were just a small part of that celebration ... the real festivities are this weekend when Garden Walk Buffalo takes place! If you're going to be there, enjoy these sights and more for me, will y'all?

Those who have met me already know what I love about this house aside from the gardens: for those who don't, turquoise is MY color!


meemsnyc said…
If only every city were garden lovers!
Anonymous said…
You look great in turquoise. I miss the group and the gardens. Love your 'walk through the garden gate' post.
Commonweeder said…
I'm beginning to feel like Buffalo was just a lovely dream - except that I have carried so much from that dream into my waking life.
I wish we had those front yard gardens too. I think we could, particularly in neighborhoods unencumbered by wacko deed restrictions. I lived for a time in the Kansas City area and there were neighborhoods like that there. Austin. Omaha. Do you think there's something wrong with Houston? I don't get it.
Rose said…
Wouldn't it be wonderful if every town had gardens like this? I think all of you who attended Buffa10 are spreading the word, Cindy, and one day we might see more of this.

By the way, I love the new paths in your own garden, Cindy; it looks like such an inviting place to take a walk, too.

I just wanted you to know I added your blog to the soon to be launched North Carolina Nursery and Landscape Association blog roll for NC Blogs!


I also wanted to make sure you received my new link for Gardening With Confidence's blog



I hope you are doing well!

I missed that turquoise house somehow. Yes, I wished I lived in an area like that. As Pat said, it seems like a dream!
Anonymous said…
I missed that sense of community too when I returned home. Out here in the country, I'm almost the only one who gardens, and people rarely stop by. I know exactly what you mean.~~Dee