Three for Thursday: Screaming Pink Zinnias

Every year I have a hard time deciding which color is my favorite ... these are always a top contender!


meemsnyc said…
We're growing pink zinnias too. It is gorgeous.
Gail said…
Fabulosa colors...Pink's always my favorite color in flowers~especially zinnias' gail
David said…
Hi Cindy,
Beautiful zinnias. Mine always mildew. You have the gift.
Oh well..
Ok, you asked about the leafflower weeds.
Yes, there really are two species and they look very much alike. I used think both were the same and one type was just having a bad hair day. Not so.
I put a link to a weed ID website I've used. (Drat..your making me reveal my secrets) You'll find both with nice photos. If you want to experience both types, I can dig some up for you (I'm joking). BTW: If you find out there's a THIRD kind...don't tell me.
David (Tropical Texana)
Those are beauties, but I do love the red ones!
Beautiful zinnias. I had a huge crop last year. Have not had good luck this year. I plant them anyway. They bring such joy.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Meems & Gail, aren't they great? Let me know if y'all want seeds. It would be interesting to see what color they are in your gardens!

David, mine get mildew too but they continue to bloom. I pull the mankiest ones and leave the others. Even with good air circulation, our humidity is too much for them after a while. Re the weeds, I'll go look when I've finished replying to comments. I must decline your kind offer of specimens of each variety for comparison purposes. Uh uh. No way.

Linda, I hope the seeds I sent have arrived by now! You should have time to get blooms still.

Hey, Double R, nice to hear from you! The butterflies love the Zinnias, which is an excellent reason to plant them despite their issues!
Really lovely! Must grow zinnias next year!