Too Much Summer

It's the only time of year when the days feel oppressively identical. The same light, the same heat, the same lethargy ... - Carol Wolper, Secret Celebrity

I read this passage in a book recently and it struck me so forcefully that I had to write it down. It's precisely that feeling I'm battling on this sunny summer afternoon ... that I battle most summer afternoons on my corner of Katy. It's why the recent rainy spells were so welcome and why I already miss them. Even in the shade out front the sun is so bright it hurts my eyes.

Shoot, even INSIDE the light is so bright it's painful ... and I find myself longing for just the smallest of tropical storms to make its way in from the Gulf. No hurricanes, though.


meemsnyc said…
I miss rain, we haven't had much of it this summer.
Anonymous said…
Definitely no hurricanes, please. We don't get them here in Niagara Falls, but... we have our blizzards. I see you thanked Elizabeth and Jim. Our garden walk participated in the National Buffalo Garden Festival,also. I am glad you came to Buffalo. I went to the Buffalo Garden Walk and saw many of the same places you had toured. Great, huh? Especially Jim's and Elizabeth's homes.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Meems, that was us last summer. It was pretty grim around here so I empathize.

Hey, GWGT, you'd probably enjoy reading my posts from December about our "blizzard". It should give you a good laugh. I know the bloggers would have loved to see the NF gardens, too. I'm sitting here sighing remembering all the beautiful gardens we did see, including Jim's and Elizabeth's. Thanks for stopping by!