Monday, Monday, So Good To Me ...

In some ways and so disappointing in others ...

See these clouds roiling over my corner of Katy?  You can practically hear the thunder, can't you? So you're expecting to hear me say that moments after I took these pictures, the rain came tumbling down and the gardens of Wit's End got a good soaking.  You would, however, be as disappointed as I was by the pitiful amount of rain that fell.  It didn't even rain long enough or hard enough to wash off the foliage, let alone penetrate the soil.  There's more rain in tomorrow's forecast so perhaps Tuesday will be my good news day rain-wise.

However, despite that disappointment, I found something to rejoice about.  As I worked my way down the south fence with hose in hand, I made a happy discovery. 

The Oxblood Lilies given to me by MSS at Zanthan Gardens are not only emerging from their dormancy, they're blooming!  I have a long way to go to achieve her stunning success with these lovelies, but I'm delighted no end that I'm on my way!  Thanks, MSS!


Anonymous said…
Oh what a happy surprise, Cindy! I have admired MSS planting of these for years when she shows them. It inspired me to get some bulbs even. So far, no blooms, usually no foliage even. Will have to check on them after the next rain. Whenever that might occur. :-)
Anonymous said…
Aren't they pretty? My red ones haven't done their thing yet, and it may take a year or two. What a nice gift.
Wow, seems early for that but maybe not. Very cool. I planted some last year but I'm not sure they survived. I guess I'll know soon??
Anonymous said…
What a little red charmer. We all need rain across the country I fear. I hope there is enough to go around.
Oh, those "teaser" clouds with their empty promises of thunder are so frustrating. We had them on Monday too. We had a two minute rain and nothing at all today. Lovely lilies are just the thing to charm you out of a hot weather funk. They are lovely!
Rose said…
Lovely lilies, Cindy. Sorry about the rain--we need a good soaking, too, but the storm clouds just seem to hover over us and then pass on by. But "Monday, Monday" was a good day for me, too--cooler temps so I could work outside finally! I'll be humming the Mamas and Papas for awhile, thanks to you:)

By the way, I started reading "Interred with Their Bones," which you recommended to me a few months ago. Love it! Thanks for recommending it.
Cindy, MCOK said…
FG, may yours be the same unexpected treat mine have been thus far!

Dee, I was especially delighted to have some from MSS. Now I have a little Zanthan Gardens mojo here at Wit's End.

Jean, I hope yours will show up soon! MSS' lilies were blooming when I was in Austin in mid-September last year. So you have a little time.

Gardenwalk, it's painfully dry here. I'm starting to think kindly about tropical storms.

MGRR, 15 minutes of rain for 10 days of high 90s & low 100s temperatures is about as beneficial as my Terrierist watering the grass!

Rose, I'm glad you like the book. The next one in the series, Haunt Me Still, was great too!