Read Any Good Books Lately?

If the summer doldrums have you in dis mood again, and all you want to do is huddle in the coolest corner of the house with a good book, then search no more!  Frances at Fairegarden mentioned on Plurk recently that she was reading Radical Prunings by Bonnie Thomas Abbott.  Nothing would do for her fellow garden bloggers than to race over to Amazon and find it for themselves, me included.  It's by turns hilarious and poignant and I believe most gardeners will find it a delightful read.  Mertensia Corydalis is a most memorable character and the supporting players in her story are quite a motley crew.  I hope it will lift your spirits and make you smile and nod in agreement with the redoubtable Mertensia, as it did me.  I just might read it again this afternoon! 


I have not read that one but will look for it now. I did read a good book while we were on vacation called the Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. I was about a little girl put on a ship going to Australia and the mystery about who placed her there and how she came about finding the answer. It was spellbinding.
Cindy, MCOK said…
Hey, Sandbox, thank you for reading and for commenting. I've read the Forgotten Garden and loved it. There aren't enough good gardening novels!