Through the Garden Gate: #9

On a humid Monday morning ...

I found it interesting how each of the shots varied a little due to the humidity. I wiped the lens between shots but I couldn't press the shutter button fast enough to keep the lens from hazing. Dang, I didn't take one through a completely clouded lens to see how it would look ... who needs filters for soft focus???!!!


Humidity works great! Beautiful shots!
Rebecca said…
It is like looking through my sunglasses every time I step out of the house into my garden. But who knew it could save a lot on specialist lenses. A great shot almost looks cool and misty, but the rest of Katians know better.

Annie in Austin said…
Love that you've added another chapter to your garden gate story, Cindy - thanks for using photos that can be clicked... is that Queen's Wreath already in bloom? Isn't this a little early?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose
Cindy, MCOK said…
Cheryl, since I can't beat the humidity, I decided to use it to my advantage!

Rebecca, if it only it felt as cool and misty as it looks!

Annie, I think my Coral Vine/Queen's Wreath usually starts blooming in July.