Three for Thursday: Live With Art, It's Good for You!

The coolest garden clock ever created, an original work of art by Linda Hudgens of the Pink Elephant. Based in Tennessee, Linda creates only two garden clocks a year, one for the spring sale and one for the fall. Linda will spend months searching for the right found object to use as the clock face: this one is an old Dr Pepper sign. You can find The Pink Elephant in the North Gate Village in Warrenton on Aisle F (maybe F1, can't remember). Tell Linda you found her here first!

'Kolomikta' joins 'Table with Legs' in the courtyard: clearly I'm going to need some much bigger and more dramatic plants to go on either side of Doug Sargent's works of art. You can find more of his work at Take a look at 'Unity' ... wouldn't it look fabulous in my courtyard? I need an anonymous benefactor to make it happen, though. Sigh.

And finally, the sculpture that captured my heart, mind and soul yesterday at Warrenton: an untitled piece by Al Roche' of Things A.T. Roche's. He has some stunning pieces out there that are way too big for my garden and my budget ... another heavy sigh.   As I took these pictures earlier, neighbors on their morning walk came over for a closer look.  One of them said she saw it as a heart around the earth.  So I think I'll give it the title "Love Your Mother".


I love them all! Each is so cool, and the title for the last one is brilliant. You need to take up welding. Speaking of which, that's the subject of my Three for Thursday post.
Layanee said…
They are all very interesting. I can't pick my favorite...maybe the table.
Kathy said…
At least you can afford some art. I love that clock!
Anonymous said…
Oh how splendid, Cindy! I love the clock and do think you should take up welding, like MMD said! Your new Sargeant piece, all together now, is amazing. You do need larger pots however. Perhaps zinc ones?
Gail said…
I love them all~But, my favorites are the Sargent pieces...The table with plant, just fabulous. I've been visiting his site to see if there's anything that would work at C and L! gail
MA said…
Sistah, the clock is rockin' it. I'm a peppah,you're a peppah.
Commonweeder said…
I love your art. Why don't I have art in the garden? Hmmmmm. I'll have to work on that. Yesterday, I unexpectedly visited a garden that is ALL art and stone.
David said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I don't blame you for the 'single comment fly by' policy. I've been outside EVERY second since the blessed front that is.
I love the garden art! You're going strong and you're 3 for 3 in wonderful art in my opinion. Or have I missed one? 4 for 4?
David/ Tropical Texana
So fun to see 'Table with Legs' in its new home! I still love it - but that clock is way too cool. Love how the colors of the tools just kind of go together, almost like they were made specifically for the clock.
Cindy, MCOK said…
MMD, if I weren't afraid of seriously injuring myself, I would love to try my hand at welding!

Layanee, Table was my first and it has a special place in my affections.

Kathy, I do feel blessed to have reached a point in life where I can indulge my passions.

Frances, I like the way you think. Zinc pots might be the way to go. I'll let y'all know when I settle on something.

Gail, I don't think Table & Kolomikta will be the only Sargent pieces to find homes with me. If you have something in mind, he does take commissions.

MA, damn skippy!

Pat, Three Sisters Sanctuary is way cool. Thank you for sharing that!

David, I hear it will cool down a bit more tomorrow and I have big plans for the weekend!

Monica, I thought Linda did an exceptional job on the clock. I'm already anticipating what I might find at her booth in the spring!
Rose said…
Wow, so many cool pieces of art you've added to your garden, Cindy! I think you've found the perfect title for the last piece:)
Urban Earthen said…
Do you know how to get hold of Al Roche maybe I will sell my car and roll around in the sculpture- stunning. Any info on pricing before I get my hopes up?