Three for Thursday: Name That Plant!

As I was taking pictures for Bloom Day yesterday, I spotted an unknown quantity in front of the courtyard wall.  This delicate charmer is making itself quite at home here at Wit's End despite its never having introduced itself to me!

Here's a closeup of the foliage and buds.
The plant in its entirety

I remember this plant hitching a ride in a pot I brought home from the nursery down the street but I don't remember researching just what it was.  The Head Gardener is appalled at my lack of foresight: if this turns out to be a noxious invasive, she'll never let me live it down!  For some reason, I keep thinking it's a type of Geum.  Am I delusional or does someone out there agree with me?  Chime in, y'all!

I hope you'll join me in posting Three for Thursday, if not this week, then next! Pick 3 pictures of plants from your garden ... tell us about 3 books you've read that you want to share ... rant about 3 things that bug the heck out of you ... show us 3 pieces of garden art or 3 photos of egregious crimes against gardening ... you choose what your three will be.  Just have fun, be creative and leave me a comment when your post is up!


I don't know what it is, but it's kind of sweet...
David said…
Hey Cindy,

I have a match...I think.
Come see the post on Tropical Texana. Leave a comment and tell me what you think.
David/ Tropical Texana :-)
Gail said…
I don't know that one at all Cindy...